India Part Deux

Rob Edgerley · April 02, 2020 · People, World Travel · 4 comments


With its sumptuous mix of colours, traditions, spiritual beliefs, architecture and landscapes, memories of India will blaze bright for myself and Cotswolds Wedding Photographer,Dan Morris, for a long time to come. We ventured upon its shores and began our little adventure in Varanasi, the India of your imagination. One of the world’s oldest continually inhabited cities, and one of the holiest in Hinduism, Varanasi welcomes Pilgrims from all over India (and further) to wash away sins in the sacred waters of the Ganges or for it to be their final resting place. To die in Varanasi is considered one of the greatest honours in Hinduism and I’ve never experienced anything like it before, nor am I ever likely to experience anything like it ever again. Guided by our local hero Vineet Vohra, imparting his knowledge of photography, Indian culture and local cuisine, we were always going to be in good hands, the best hands.

Leaving the seemingly endless banks of the sacred Ganges Dan and I took a flight to the beating heart of India, Dehli. Its unrelenting chaos, sounds and smells knocked us sideways and we soon realised what we landed ourselves into. Four days like nothing before. Mayhem. If you can survive four days in Dehli unscathed, you’ll be setup to survive anything. Being the second most populated city in the world, there’s not much space left to manoeuvre yourself around the people, motorbikes, bicycles, donkeys and cows while you’re off exploring the many meandering alleyways and tight back streets. Getting lost here is easy, you just have to go for a walk.

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough. Delve into my take on India.





If you’ve made it this far, thanks! Hungry for more? Check out my India Street post for a more focused street series.

  1. Awesome work dude! Some great captures and such amazing memories.

    Dan Morris · April 02, 2020
  2. They are. Amazing , the colours , I was imagining the smells ( 🤢) move over David Bailey ( only one I know lol ) proud of you Xx

    Mum · April 02, 2020
  3. Absolutely stunning dude!! I don’t understand how you and Dan get so close. I don’t what i’m doing wrong. So inspiring man. I really want to visit India. I need to find a street buddy.
    You need to whack these two collections in a book mate.

    Adam beale · April 03, 2020
  4. Glad i found this Blog. you have a strong sense and composition is amazing Rob! Great work…keep it coming please!!

    Willy Koesnadie · July 01, 2020

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