All about me


  • Rob Edgerley

    I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

    - Albert Einstein

Hi, I'm Rob. I'm definately not going to waffle on about my uniquely artistic style or how I endeavour to balance light, emotion and composition in my photography. Nope. I simply love photography and that's all you need to know. Hopefully my images speak for themselves.

I'm a project leader in ASIC design, living snd working in Switzerland for the last 12 years. I speak German - Guten Tag!, Swiss German - Grüessech! and English - obvs. Aside from photography, I’m largely interested in anything geeky: networking, web-design (hope you like it), tech-gadgets, audio equipment, guitars, you name it, but I'm also passionate about art and design. I have a somewhat OCD like attention to detail and I just love symmetry and minimalism - I spend a lot of time fiddling with things that no one would ever notice (any normal person anyway). 

  • Your images give me a clear sense of your visual language, aesthetic sensibilities and astute attention to details, light, color and design element. I would highly, highly, recommend to continue working in that manner. You have the passion and the potential.
  • His passion is evident. He has a creative mind, he sees things I don't. I've watched from the beginning and can't wait to see where this journey goes.