Here you'll find a selection of my favourite images from over the years, mostly of my very patient and beautiful wife. What better way to practice!? I'm always looking for more faces, so don't be shy and just ask! You'll find a collection of my street work towards the end, but the best place for that is on my  Instagram  feed, for now at least. 

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India Street

by Rob Edgerley· March 17, 2020· in People, Street· 14 comments
  India Street marks the start of a new chapter. A tightly curated set of images that fall firmly inside the bounds of “Street Photography”. Perhaps I’ll follow-up later with a blog post documenting my experience in India with Dan “the man” Morris (some really nice images), but for now we’re going pure Street, Edge style. All images shot with the new X-Pro3, 23mm ƒ2. Hyper-focal’ing and single shot (i.e. no burst)      
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by Rob Edgerley· October 02, 2017· in Street· 0 comments
  Anyone who shoots street photography will vouch for me in saying that it’s both physically and mentally draining. Every street is analysed for every imaginable detail: the lines, the shadows, the colours, the wall art, the people, the street signs, everything. There’s a crazy amount of information being processed around every street corner and at some point it’s too much. Information overload and a crash in creativity. Any decent shot after that has to hit me smack in the face as I simply run out of the capacity to anticipate, anything. That together with walking your socks off all day and you’ll be fit for little other than bed come 9:00pm. But that’s not a complaint though. No way. I’d happily drain every last drop energy out of me each day in quest of that killer shot. That reward is so worth it. Venice was great…for a while. Two days MAX if I ever return. Too many people, 90% of which are tourists (shockingly few locals), and some of whom will happily push you out of the way to get that peace sign selfie on the Rialto Bridge. Really expensive too, like really. It’s even expensive to go for […]
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  One week of pure street photography in one of the craziest, full-on, deafening cities in world and I loved every second of it. This was my first ever week away purely for street photography. I spent six days in total getting to know the island of Manhattan intimately, and walked an average of just under 20km’s per day. I even walked a little too far north one day, to Harlem, where I was quickly told to “Get the bleep out of my Neighbourhood white boy”. Nice. For those who are not familiar with street photography, the images shown here are all candid, fleeting moments. No photoshop, no posing and never any manipulation of the scene whatsoever. All shots were taken in manual (inc. ISO & Focus) with my D750 and 35mm ƒ/1.4 lens. I had two projects running during the visit. The first was perspective manipulation, which you’ll see worked out quite well. The second was minimalism. Hmm, in hindsight NYC was probably not the best place to start a minimalism project so you won’t see many examples there. I really do hope you enjoy these images, as I had so much fun making them. Fell free to leave […]
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by Rob Edgerley· November 05, 2016· in Street· 10 comments · People, Street
  Asia was one of those truly memorable trips. The sights, the smells the people all totally unforgettable. I’ve been to Asia before. Loved it. So this time the misses and I decided to tick two big destinations off our list: China and Japan. Three weeks of non-stop action, quite literally walking our socks off (minimum a half marathon *every* day). The adventure started in Hong Kong, moved to Shanghai, Xi’an, and Beijing before flying over to Tokyo and taking the Shinkansen to Kyoto. Along the way we stopped off at Luoyang, Nara and the Great Wall of China. We did the full 360 and returned to Hong Kong for a final fill of Dim Sum and sunshine. The sights throughout were incredible and the contrast between the two countries stark. Culture, mannerisms, food, noise, driving and the toilets! (I miss my heated seat!) All images in this set were taken in manual mode and AF disabled. The learning curve was steep! I endeavoured to show the people and sights of Asia in a street style storyboard, applying everything that I had learned/studied to date. I invite you to have a sneaky-peek at our unforgettable trip and, as always, I […]
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