Keiji & Miki

Rob Edgerley · February 11, 2019 · People · 4 comments


So it wasn’t all fun down under, there was also a bit of “work” to do. Totally random but the most enjoyable shoot on the beach with Keiji & Miki. I spotted them taking photo’s of each other on the room balcony and immediately saw an opportunity to add to my portfolio. Cocktail set to one side, I approached and asked (kindly shouted up to them) if they’d be interesting in a mini-shoot. They obliged and we powered through the introductions as it transpired they where about to prep for checkout and catch the next flight home to Japan when I so rudely interrupted them. With the clock ticking, we set our sites on the beach below. Here are the results…




  1. Well done, they really are lovely. You have made friends for life.

    Nicci · February 11, 2019
  2. Hey there. I take it the couple were happy with the photos? Are you adding these photos to your overall portfolio? Really brilliant – plus I can see your “style” shining through. Great stuff

    The Cap’n · February 12, 2019
    • Cheers Bobster! Really appreciate that. They’ happy. I’ll add them when I get some time. There are a few things on the list for 2019. Working hard on my style, so happy about that comment. We’ll get there eventually. 2019 is the year of street though.

      Rob Edgerley (administrator) · February 13, 2019

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