Best of 2017

by Rob Edgerley· December 24, 2017· in People· 0 comments
  So… As always, I invite you to take and look and hope you like. Much love!        
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Austi & Nat

by Rob Edgerley· December 10, 2017· in People, Portraits· 11 comments
  So I finally got around to blogging my post-Nine Dots shoot with my good buddies, Austin and Natalia. Not because it was a lot of work or anything, but because it’s been non-stop action over the last few weeks. We had Mammy Edge visiting us the week I returned from London, then the day after she left we boarded a flight to Barcelona for a street photography workshop with Pau Buscató. ‘Tis a hard life really. I can only start this off really by saying a little bit about my Nine Dots experience. Cue list of superlatives: most insane, incredible, humbling, love filled and mind blowing experience. Ever! I began the event with a handful of photographer friends and came away being part of a photography family. Thanks for making me feel so welcome guys/gals. You Rock! Despite staying up each night chatting and drinking wine until the wee hours of the morning in our “luxurious” AirBnB with two of my most favourite people in the world, Rossco and Aga, I was totally pumped (creatively) each day. I just couldn’t wait to put it all into practice with Austi & Nat. Lucky for them, I entered my FIRST EVER […]
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by Rob Edgerley· October 02, 2017· in Street· 0 comments
  Anyone who shoots street photography will vouch for me in saying that it’s both physically and mentally draining. Every street is analysed for every imaginable detail: the lines, the shadows, the colours, the wall art, the people, the street signs, everything. There’s a crazy amount of information being processed around every street corner and at some point it’s too much. Information overload and a crash in creativity. Any decent shot after that has to hit me smack in the face as I simply run out of the capacity to anticipate, anything. That together with walking your socks off all day and you’ll be fit for little other than bed come 9:00pm. But that’s not a complaint though. No way. I’d happily drain every last drop energy out of me each day in quest of that killer shot. That reward is so worth it. Venice was great…for a while. Two days MAX if I ever return. Too many people, 90% of which are tourists (shockingly few locals), and some of whom will happily push you out of the way to get that peace sign selfie on the Rialto Bridge. Really expensive too, like really. It’s even expensive to go for […]
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  1. Introduction Launch Project Carbon Fixie! Code name Black Vandura! I’ve wanted to build a fixie for years, particularly a fixie because I’m in love with the stripped back minimalistic look to it. Few components but maximum satisfaction. I had a choice to go old school refurbished classic or futuristic clean and modern. The latter was a better fit for my OCD, so futuristic clean and modern it had to be. I started planning it about two years ago and with a little help this year from my 10 year anniversary at work, I decided to finally just go for it. My original idea came from an image I found online of the A-Team van. The plan was to style the fixie around that famous 1983 GMC Vandura Cargo, starting with a matt black frame and red rims. Matt black being my favourite colour btw – yes, I probably should’ve been a goth! As the build progressed I didn’t like the red wheels against the matt black frame but without them the look kind of fell apart, so the initial idea was scrapped. I’m now planning to use the same colour scheme instead. A couple of coffee’s into my […]
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  Here are a few shots I took at Alessandra’s third birthday party. Alessandra is Steffano’s (a work colleague of mine) & Nadia’s beautiful daughter. Being Italian, these guys know how to appreciate the finer things in life. Whether it be a good coffee or the best flour to make a good pizza dough, the Italians rarely disappoint. It’s not the first time I’ve shot Alessandra, the first was at her christening three years ago. I thought then that I could take a good photograph, but the difference between then and now is just huuuuge. I wonder will I say the same again in another three years…I do hope so! There’s so much going on in these shots. They’re not just a set of images to me because they mark a tangible improvement in my skill set. It’s the first time I’ve applied my shoot to edit style and I’m so happy with the results. I was trying to nail composure, exposure and focus, and for the best part I did. A completely different set of subjects from what I’m used to, but so enjoyable. Daniella, Alessandra’s best little buddy, was particularly enjoyable to shoot. She genuinely would have let […]
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Slovakia Shoot

by Rob Edgerley· June 29, 2017· in People· 2 comments · Portraits
  Just a short post containing a few practice shots of Mrs. Edge in Slovakia. I’m starting to really get a hang of which kind of shooting conditions work best for composition and skin tones and also how to get the best out of the camera for a given condition. The biggest revelation recently, is that the camera preview shows a jpeg image and not the raw…doh! That means any clipping shown on the preview, even in the histogram, is all based on that jpeg – which of course has a massively reduced dynamic range! I’m starting to use those graphs a lot more too and also using my noggin to compensate for that crappy JPEG preview. I’ve massive respect for you pro’s doing this almost intuitively. It’s quite a challenge to balance light, composition *and* camera settings, while at the same time not having your subject wait around while you scratch your head and talk yourself through the reasoning behind the settings (of course that never happened – red face). Anyway, that’s why I love love love photography. As always, I hope you like. Much love.    
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  One week of pure street photography in one of the craziest, full-on, deafening cities in world and I loved every second of it. This was my first ever week away purely for street photography. I spent six days in total getting to know the island of Manhattan intimately, and walked an average of just under 20km’s per day. I even walked a little too far north one day, to Harlem, where I was quickly told to “Get the bleep out of my Neighbourhood white boy”. Nice. For those who are not familiar with street photography, the images shown here are all candid, fleeting moments. No photoshop, no posing and never any manipulation of the scene whatsoever. All shots were taken in manual (inc. ISO & Focus) with my D750 and 35mm ƒ/1.4 lens. I had two projects running during the visit. The first was perspective manipulation, which you’ll see worked out quite well. The second was minimalism. Hmm, in hindsight NYC was probably not the best place to start a minimalism project so you won’t see many examples there. I really do hope you enjoy these images, as I had so much fun making them. Fell free to leave […]
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